KJ Security and Travel Company is Registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission under the Company Act No. 5 of 2009 and Licensed with the Ministry of Labour in The Republic of Sierra Leone to provide overseas traveling and recruitment facilitation to prospective Employees. Choosing our recruitment company offers a range of distinct advantages and benefits that set us apart from the competition. We offer recruitment for Company Overseas who are looking for qualified and trained candidates to work in different fields of operations. 


1. Expertise and Experience: We boast a team of highly skilled and experienced recruiters who possess a deep understanding of various       industries and job markets. Their expertise allows us to identify the most suitable candidates for your organization efficiently.

2. Tailored Solutions: We believe in a personalized approach to recruitment. We take the time to understand your specific requirements, company culture, and long-term goals, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that fit your unique needs.

3. Extensive Talent Network: Over the years, we have built a vast network of top-notch candidates with diverse skill sets. This network enables us to access a wide pool of qualified candidates, including passive job seekers who may not be actively looking for new opportunities.

4.  Efficiency and Time Savings: Our streamlined recruitment process and access to cutting-edge technology enable us to identify, screen, and present candidates swiftly, saving you valuable time and resources in the hiring process.

5. Quality Over Quantity: We prioritize quality over quantity when presenting candidates. Each candidate we recommend is thoroughly vetted, ensuring they meet the required qualifications and are genuinely interested in your organization.

6. Confidentiality and Discretion: We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality during the hiring process. You can trust us to handle sensitive information discreetly and professionally.

9. Diversity and Inclusion: We value diversity and believe in promoting inclusive hiring practices. Our commitment to diversity ensures you access a broader talent pool, enhancing creativity and innovation within your organization.

Choosing our recruitment company means partnering with a dedicated and professional team that will work tirelessly to find the right talent for your organization, contributing to your long-term success and growth.

Operational Excellence

We aim to enhance efficiency, productivity, quality, and overall performance while minimizing errors, and costs. Our Operational excellence is not limited to a specific industry or sector but can be applied to any organization striving for continuous improvement and long-term success.

Team of experts

We have a Team of Experts that prioritize Operational excellence with a business philosophy and management approach focused on optimizing and improving processes, systems, and operations within an organization to achieve outstanding results.